About Us

We are Team Timbl
Our broadband speeds are enviabl
They're swift for all content-informational, inspirational or educational
And watching HD Videos is immensely enjoyabl

We are Team Timbl
Connectivity is reliabl and uniquely symmetrical
Syncing files to cloud is easily do-abl
And video conferencing is very stabl

We are Team Timbl
The D-I-Y price plans are simpl & flexibl
And the data limits automatically optimal
So, the all-round fun is not just doubl, but grows by a big multipl

We are Team Timbl
We are conveniently reachabl
If our services go feebl
Often or occasional
We'd like you to be vocal
Get into the mobile app, and give us a tickl
Or pick up the phone, and give us a tinkl
We'll be nimbl in resolving the troubl

We are Team Timbl
We promise to be nimbl and keep things simpl